In the 1930s, the Károlyi family turned their palace in Füzérradvány into a luxury hotel. The business became successful in a short time and the palace transformed into a popular resort among the celebrities of the age. The purpose of the café is to evoke the elegant yet friendly atmosphere of life in the palace hotel. 

Following the Anglo-Saxon culture appeared strongly in the style of furnishings of the luxury hotel; for instance, the use of a bar counter in the marble corridor and employing a bartender also came from this fashion. Thus the exhibition also carries the romantic atmosphere of Anglo-Saxon castles; in some rooms the dark tone of hunting lodges returns, but visitors can also get to know the “noir” atmosphere of films, typical of the 1930s and 1940s. 

In the renovated palace café, visitors can enjoy modern tables and chairs in keeping with the style of the hotel. In addition to getting refreshed, it is possible to “flip through” the hotel food and drink menu of the 1940s on a touch screen, or read newspapers that evoke the atmosphere of the age. Moreover, thanks to a so-called “recipe vending machine”, guests can learn about contemporary specialties that were often served at the time.  

Sweets based on the original recipes of the Károlyi family, Károlyi slice, the count’s favourite cake (with chocolate and sour cherry), and unique local handcrafted cakes await visitors in the café, where club sandwiches and coffee specialties can also be tasted. 

The elegant café, which features both modern and traditional elements, is open to those entering the castle without a ticket as well.