návšteva s dieťaťom

We designed the exhibition with children in mind.

Maintaining the attention of the little ones and teaching in an entertaining way are not easy tasks, therefore, we aimed at interpreting the content of the exhibition in a way that children can easily understand, making their museum tour much more enjoyable.

The content “Storytelling Objects/Storytelling People” spanning the exhibition intended for children, elaborates on shorter topics in a concise way, in a manner that can be grasped by the younger ones, often by impersonating an object or through the internal monologue of a given person.                                                  In addition to the given object/person, the icon indicates that you can learn more about this object or topic somewhere else in the exhibition space. Eager children can open the wooden boxes placed in the exhibition area to look at different types of images helping them to get as much information as possible.

Worksheets related to the exhibition, as well as a longer, extended family activity book the playful tasks of which are also related to the exhibition, serve the above purpose as well.

For the older age group, a search map complete with a detective game will help to get involved in the theme of the exhibition.